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I think we all deal with insecurity at one time or another in our life.

Insecurity can come in different forms.  From the young woman who doesn’t like the way she looks to the woman who looks so put together yet she overcompensates by telling you how great and perfect her life is.

How we look, how we talk, our hair, our clothes, bodies, the list goes on and on.

We also can be insecure from the responses we receive from others. (from strangers or loved ones). 


I know there have been several times I have suffered with insecurity. Maybe my husband didn’t respond like I thought he would or should, or I worked hard making some project and I didn’t get raves over it.

The battle with insecurity is in your mind.

I used to have the tendency to give up on projects or life because of people’s responses.  I have had to learn to work through those situations…maybe my husband was tired or pre-occupied. Maybe someone has different tastes than I do. We can’t all like the same things. And it doesn’t make what I made unappealing. Life is not all about me and I’m sure there have been times I have not responded like someone else wanted or expected me to.

What about the times you have 2 other friends who you find out went and did something together (like dinner or movie) and did not invite you. You probably get these thoughts like ‘they don’t like me’ or ‘they are always doing stuff together without me’ or talking about me.

You have to come against those thoughts with rational thinking. Life isn’t all about you.

I know I feel insecure when I go to eat somewhere and I am by myself. What are they going to think or say? Oh, that poor lonely woman.  Stop and think….do I think those things about others that I see? No, I really don’t give it a second thought.

People are not always talking about you or looking at you.

Another way insecurity creeps in: comparison. Do not compare yourself with others. We were all made unique; each of us has different giftings, different talents, and different personalities.  Instead of comparing ourselves with someone else (what we do or do not have) appreciate what you have, and use those resources to pour into others.


We all need each other – it’s like a puzzle. And each one has a different purpose and destiny to fulfill.

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