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The thing about rejection is we end up rejecting other people first because we fear they are going

to reject us.
Everyone deals with rejection at one time or another in their lives. Someone doesn’t like an idea

we have, or maybe you were the last one picked to play kickball in grade school.

Rejection usually forms itself from an early age. We remember those situations that happen to us

as children and then get built upon as we go through life.

You have to remind yourself you are worthy and valuable…it matters what God thinks of you, not

what the world thinks. God loves us no matter what. But He also wants transformation in our lives

and loves us too much to just leave us to live our lives in our current condition or state of mind.

Here is one of my life examples: I was at a birthday party recently. It was for the wife of my husband’s friend. My husband saw some men he knew and engaged in conversations with them. I looked around and didn’t really know anyone at this party. And no one was coming up to me to meet me or talk with me. I could have just quietly sat in a chair off by myself and no one probably would have noticed.

But I knew that was not how God intended me to be. So I went over to a gal and introduced myself. I forced myself out of my box and made life not about me. Along came another lady she knew and we sat and talked. Did they ask me what I do or much about my life? No. Which is what I could focus on, but choosing to focus on them and asking them questions was fulfilling.
I found out that one is dealing with muscular dystrophy and the other has dealt with cancer twice in the past 10 years. It made the things in my life I deal with seem very insignificant. I could have just sat by myself not engaging with anyone and I would have not gotten to know these women.

Hiding off in a corner by yourself is easier, but not fulfilling and it doesn’t do anything for other people. They may also be feeling alone and rejected just like you are feeling. You were made to impart kindness into others.

Rejection can be overcome. Even if you are not an outgoing person doesn’t mean you can’t take time to reach out to someone and put the focus on them. It can be very rewarding.

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