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To invest in women by helping them do life successfully and eventually give back to the community. Work directly with other women-focused non-profit organizations.

Mission Statement


Equip women with resources, mentoring, clothing and other needs that would assist them in all areas of life such as finances, parenting, workplace, and relationships.

Who We Are


We are a non-profit organization that invests in the lives of women to assist them to do life successfully; such as providing clothing and clothing items, assisting with an education to help better her future, mentoring/coaching, and offering classes (budgeting finances, basic technology-computer classes, and time management). We also work with schools to donate coats and school supplies for students - providing for their children is also a way to help mothers. We want to bring and impartation into women lives of hope, future, and purpose. 


Here is an overview of what other things Remarkable You can offer:

•    Help in alleviating poverty by working with women to setup a monthly budget.     
•    Partner with other non-profits (women transitional living organizations, sex trafficking organizations, non-abortion clinics, etc.)
•    Mentorship/coaching, literacy classes, discipleship, bible studies.
•    Sponsorship to attend women’s conferences.
•    Resources that help women through basic life issues and challenges.
•    Classes - budgeting, basic technology/computer skills, time management, parenting help.

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