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My Story


My name is Cyndi Dale. I was born and raised in Boise, Idaho. Looking back into my early years in elementary school, I saw I dealt with so much insecurity and rejection. I now see how those early incidents built upon themselves through my life into adulthood. I got married at age 20, and after 13 years our marriage was falling apart and we did not have a close relationship with our children. Until we found Christ.

As we gave our lives over to Him, He healed our marriage, the relationships with our children, and we found new hope for living and moving our lives forward. I am now married to an incredible man who has a passion for seeing people’s lives changed by the power of God and 2 amazing children also living their lives for Christ. We found our identity in Him and He gave us vision for our future.

God gave me a heart and passion for women, to pour into their lives and seeing transformation and growth take place as they find revelation in how valuable they are. I love investing in women and taking pride in the achievements and victories of others. Seeing women being set free and living a life of freedom, healing, and purpose.

Cyndi and her husband Mike praise God for over 35 years of marriage. Some of her favorite things to do is spending time with her husband and children, pottery, and ice skating. They reside in Boise, Idaho and have 2 grown children.

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